Quel Parish is a form of stress relief. I’m happy to make a little money, but more importantly it brings me joy to create something that makes someone else smile. I have designed merch for several small businesses, niche websites, and podcasts over the years and it’s been truly rewarding.

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It All Started When I Was…

Born in the early 80s (which makes me a geriatric millennial) in Calcasieu Parish, La. I was raised there and part of the time in Southern California (the valley) & East Texas. I’ve lived a lot of different places, but currently reside with my husband and son in the south (not just below the Mason-Dixon, but south of the James River). I am proud that my son’s favorite meals are crawfish étouffée and gumbo (I occasionally like to add a hard-boiled egg to my bowl, the country way). It means he’s being raised right ;)

My Louisiana-born superpower: I make the perfect pot of rice on the stove (eyeball measuring, no rice cooker).

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Design Policy

I do my best to clearly mark the designs that are original to Quel Parish. Please do not repost or upload (ex. social media to share) any of my original content without attribution or link. Do not copy my designs (ex. to sell items) without prior permission/license from me. From time to time, I do projects for organizations and small businesses (ex. podcast merch) as well as custom small designs for individuals, so my style might be seen elsewhere—but I was either paid to create it or reached some other agreement beforehand.

Moreover, I keep pretty extensive files and records (ex. licenses from purchased resources to use for commercial purposes). If there is a question re: originality, I, like any decent graphic designer, have a ridiculous number of iterations and mockups for everything I create—it’s not hard for me to prove when/how I created something. Any comments regarding legality should be directed to Safran Law Offices, 120 S Boylan Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603.