Quel Parish Homeschool Kid

We have homeschooled since 2018. On this page are a couple of the docs I’ve created to aid in planning and organization. I create most of my own materials / curriculum and curate from a lot of resources to best aid in teaching my son. As parents of a 2E child and business owner, I am used to thinking outside the box. Most of what is typical or mainstream wasn’t created with us (or our son) in mind and we learned long ago to be proactive and DIY.

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Sidenote 1

I LOVE paper, but for every printed-on-paper record, I have created digital submission forms for recording data (using either Formstack or Google Forms) as they are useful in creating charts and graphs I embed in end-of-the-year reports for our own records.

Sidenote 2

Please don’t judge my typos ;). QP is a hobby I usually update around 1am. I promise I take more care with the important areas of schooling and life.

Sidenote 3

I absolutely support unschooling (particularly given our ever-changing society, A.I., etc.), though we do not practice it. Our homeschooling approach is mostly classical with accommodations for our son’s learning style. We have a separate, dedicated “classroom” in our home, but we don’t aim to mimic a typical formal school set up. Learning takes place everywhere.

Sidenote 4

My husband and I grew up Catholic, but we are not religious. Our school time and "curriculum" resembles most secular homeschool families. However, I don’t automatically reject non-secular homeschool materials or social media accounts. I try to learn something from everyone.