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Virgos Stay Ready

I’ve been told more than once that the level and detail at which I organize my life seems . . . exhausting. I can’t help it (not in the “OCD” sense, just in the natural inclination sense). As a kid, I never had to be told to pick up my toys or be reminded to make sure my school backpack had all I needed. I am never that person who forgets their charger, bug spray, or toothpaste while on a trip. I’m the type who has ALL the receipts and screenshots. I’d guess at least 90% of every inch of my home is planned and organized in such a way that I have DEEPLY thought about—-and probably gone through many iterations and 1am re-arranging sessions.

If that sounds . . .exhausting or crazy—I promise for ME, it’s calming. Since becoming a mother, by necessity and for my mental health, there are some areas of my life that are not tidy and many instances where I’m not super-duper-ultra prepared for every contingency. If it helps, I don’t expect this out of anyone else but myself, or I’d drive the people in my life nuts. I am grateful that whatever fuels this thing in me remains internal. I don’t get urges to organize other people’s spaces and when someone is missing something I’ve got backups (and more backups) , I helpfully lend a hand without judgment ;).

So onto the design, some of the most common traits of Virgos are that we are very analytical, prepared, and practical (though this doesn’t always manifest itself in “neatness”—especially when paired with another common trait: perfectionism). That just might extend to our makeup bags and beauty routines. As the saying sort of goes, if you stay ready you don’t have to GET ready.

Virgo Beauty Products Stay Ready tee Quel Parish

Virgo Beauty Products Stay Ready Quel Parish

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