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Thank You, Nichelle Nichols

There are obviously a lot of discussions happening online about representation, especially portrayals of (sometimes canonically) sci-fi and fantasy characters by black and brown actors. The most disingenuous takes question why it matters at all (and therefore why should anything ever change in terms of who receives the vast majority of highly visible roles in entertainment). Nichelle Nichols as Nyota Uhurua on the original Star Trek is just one of MANY examples why it matters: as an official ambassador for NASA, real life girls and women were inspired to become astronauts—a particularly potent reminder given the popularity of Apple TV’s For All Mankind that re-imagines a history of women’s involvement in the American space program. Anyway—I won’t get into all the reasons why it’s offensive and annoying to question why it’s important ______ get to see themselves in popular tv and movies--yet many expect these same groups to spend money, time (reviews, social media), and engage in other types of fan support.

Star Trek uhurua blerd merch Quel Parish


nichelle nichols as uhura star trek

Update: CBS (who owns Star Trek IP) wanted to approve my design (with modifications) as apart of their partnership with TeePublic that allowed fans to submit artwork to be officially licensed merch. I was like “oh no.” I want no part of any such program and had no warning that by submitting my design the usual way, I was agreeing to their (CBS's) terms. It’s not that the terms were unreasonable, I just don’t want to deal with it. I sent TeePublic a message requesting they delete my design from consideration for the program. They did not, so I deleted the entire file.

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