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Patty's Legacy And Burden

"Patty” as in Patricia (Wood) Chase, Angela Chase’s mom from the 90s ABC show My So-Called Life. Patty ran the Wood & Jones print shop, a business located in the fictional suburb Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. It was passed down to her from her father, Chuck Wood (and from her grandparents)—and the inspiration for my design (I’d like to think younger sister Danielle would rock a lightweight hoodie to rep her family’s business even if Angela might consider it lame). She was one one of my favorite characters when I re-watched (and re-watched) as an adult, but even as a kid, I could tell Patty was underappreciated. Yes, this a pop culture deep cut—super niche for MSCL super fans—like wonderful websites dedicated to the show.

My so-called life wood & jones printing hoodie Quel Parish

My so-called life

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