Ruby Deserved Better Lovecraft Country sticker Quel Parish

Lovecraft Country - Answers

I’ve received a couple of questions since releasing the first Lovecraft Country design featuring Leti—mostly related to other characters. In case others are interested:

Yes, I do plan to do other characters, specifically on my radar are Christina (maybe William with her? Like a Victor/Victoria design?), and Ruby.

Regarding Ruby: I want to take my time for a plethora of reasons, but at the top of the list is the issue of colorism on the show-- allegedly during production (just search google or twitter for behind the scenes) and in the fandom. I have a LOT of feelings about Ruby I won’t go into here for now, but let me say: she deserved better.

I don’t consider myself an “artist”—I just like to make cute stuff a few others enjoy as well. I am not pretending that my creating and placing a cartoon of Ruby on a tee shirt solves anything, but I was a fan of her character and (most of) her story.

Ruby Deserved Better Lovecraft Country Quel Parish

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