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I received a takedown notice from TeePublic regarding the word "Blerd" ("black nerd"--which was first coined around 2006 by someone else according to Google) in artwork. The notice was from a website of podcasters who trademarked a design which features a silhouette afro with 3-d movie goer glasses and the word "Blerd" at the bottom. My design is a larger, feminine afro (with a little curl in the middle--in high contrast black or white the afro/head is more of a silhouette) with gamer-style headphones, a stylized gaming controller, and the word at the bottom.

blerd takedown

According to the dates of their trademark paperwork, my design is technically older (file history and other documentation), but I have no problem removing the word. I wish they had reached out to me directly. I would have modified it as it's not a critical component to my design or "brand". Additionally, I've sold a lot of this design (scroll down to see other versions) and it might have been more strategic on their part to partner in this instance, but oh well.

Re-re-worked design below I may place on a product for sale, but not via TeePublic. 

Black Girl Gamer Quel Parish

For those unawareTeePublic doesn't support their uploading artists in any way, even when they invite you to dispute any notice they've received. I have a very clear statement in my design policy for Quel Parish, but I don't own TeePublic and they have a right to decide how they handle these things, so there was no point in challenging.

Below are other iterations of the design from 2021 and 2018.

Black Girl Nerd BLERD Gamer Quel Parish

Black Girl Nerd BLERD Gamer sticker Quel Parish

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